Awkward Sex Conversations with Mom

Conversations with Dad

I believe that sex education should start at home. It is crucial that parents discuss the birds and the bees with their children. Kids are smart. They figure out early on that babies aren’t brought by storks. My dad used my then-favorite Spice Girls song as an example.Β “You know how they sing Two Become One?”

“Ohhhhh! So two become one! You mean you and Mama had to… ohhh,Β okay. I get it.” Even at a young age, I understood metaphors fairly easily. So that was the end of that conversation.

Conversations with My Best Friend

One of my childhood best friends was named Camie. We did everything from climbing the school roof (and getting caught) to plotting our future weddings with boys who should no longer be named. But one our favorite pastimes was cutting class and going to the library to dig up old romance novels. We would sit in a corner and giggle our way through the love scenes. We knew that most of these scenes would take place exactly halfway through the book and right at the end.

“Oh my god, he kissed her!”

“He got hard! What’s hard?”

“I don’t know, whatever. Here, look, it says he embraced her tightly!”

Ahh…the sweet innocence of childhood.

But Conversations with Mom Take the Cake

The above cartoon is based on a true story. I have a very close relationship with my mother, so conversations are fairly open (to a certain extent) and cover a wide range of topics.

One day, my mother came up to me with a very serious look on her face. “Sara, I hope you know that you and your friends can talk to me about anything.”

“Of course!”

“And I mean anything.”


“Good.Β I actually wanted to get you and some of your closest friends together and talk about things like…well…sex…how to use a condom…how to please a man…”


Yes, I believe that sex education starts at home. But there are just some conversations we are not going to have. But I guess at least I know my mother is willing to have them if I am.

What awkward sex conversations have YOU had with your parents? How did your parents first tell you about sex? How do you think parents should initiate The Talk with their kids?

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