NEWSFLASH! Saranovela Gets Some Lovin’

Saranovela’s On Crossing That Damn Brooklyn Bridge and On Bad Market Strategy and Why He Didn’t Get Your Phone Number were recently featured on digital marketing expert Camille Regalado’s AnEnspirationaday. To read the review, click here.

“This blog has the perfect mix of visual and textual content. Who doesn’t love a good comic strip? …when you have a blogger who lives in New York City, you can expect a lot of OMG and WTF situations.” 

– Camille Regalado


Saranovela’s On the Reasons for [Un]Planned Parenthood was the topic for a post on Sexualidad Latina NY, the blog of Anton Castellanos Usigli, sexual health advocate and Co-Chair of the Youth Initiative Committee at the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS). To read the review in both Spanish and English, click here.

“Sara: ¡Eres una caricaturista muy talentosa y me siento extremadamente honrado que este Blog te haya servido como inspiración! La educación sexual es necesaria en Manila y en Nueva York, para inmigrantes y no inmigrantes, para niños, jóvenes, adultos y adultos mayores. El acceso público a condones y a métodos de anticoncepción es básico para la salud sexual. Coincido contigo Sara, ¡sigamos luchando por lo que es correcto!” 

“Sara: You are a very talented cartoonist, and I feel extremely honored that this Blog could serve you as an inspiration!  Sex education is needed in Manila and East Harlem, for immigrants and non-immigrants, for children, young people, adults and seniors. Public access to condoms and contraception is basic for sexual health! I agree with you Sara, let’s keep fighting for what is right!”

– Anton Castellanos Usigli

Thank you to both Camille and Anton for their beautiful thoughts, love and support!

much love,