NYC Celebrity Sightings: Jake Gyllenhaal

saranovela jake gyllenhaal

The First Sighting:

I had dinner with Jake Gyllenhaal at Cafe Gitane last summer.

Well, okay. Not with him, exactly. My friend Cel and I were seated in the table next to his. Given how small Cafe Gitane is, that means we were practically elbow-to-elbow. Cel and I spent the night pretending to be cool, sophisticated New Yorkers who dined next to celebrities on a daily basis.

The Second Sighting:

The second time I saw Jake Gyllenhaal was on purpose. My friend Andreana and I went to see his play If There Is I Haven’t Found it Yet. While the play had received good reviews, Andreana and I left rather unimpressed. You know, like sophisticated, jaded New Yorkers who are impressed by nothing.

The Third Sighting:

This cartoon was inspired by the third time I saw Jake Gyllenhaal. I have taken some artistic liberties with the above, but in general this is what happened: My work wife Linh and I had just finished a 3-hour training session in advertising law. Famished, we sat down by the windows at a random pizza restaurant in Chelsea. I took a large, unladylike bite of my pizza. Then Jake Gyllenhaal walked by, hand in hand with a beautiful girl.

I nearly choked on my pizza. “It’s Jake Gyllenhaal!!!!!” I screeched. Linh leapt from her seat and went on full paparazzi mode, snapping TMZ-worthy pictures of him as he kissed his girlfriend goodbye. Other starstruck diners started crowding around the window, oohing and ahhing, jumping up and down. The cooks and bus boys flooded out of the kitchen, asking, “ΒΏQuien? Quien es??”Β 

Then, amidst the commotion, Linh and I both fell silent and whipped out our phones to share the news with the world. Welcome to the digital age.

And so much for sophisticated New Yorkers.

Photos courtesy of Linh Tran.

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