When Rapunzel Refused To Let Down Her Hair

rapunzel full

I imagine it would take ages for Rapunzel to shampoo and blow dry. Given the length of her golden tresses, probably about 4-5 cans of hairspray, too.Β Our dear prince will just have to come back.

On the bright side, second-day hair is always fuller and less silky-smooth. He’ll have an easier time climbing up the tower.

I’ve always loved fairy tales — the dark, gritty Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm originals, the lighthearted Disney versions, the more contemporary feminist retellings by Tanith Lee and Jack Zipes. There are, after all, so many ways to tell one story. And so…here now…here is the beginning of my comic tribute to this genre, with (hopefully) many, many more to come.