About Saranovela


sara·novela \ˌsair-uh-nō-ˈve-lə\


1. A comic blog that pays tribute to the tragicomedy of love, life and (plenty of) sex in the city. Created and illustrated by Sara Marquez.

Artistic liberties taken. Cartoons based on real-life situations, but may or may not be heavily embellished. That means it may or may not be you.

All people who cross my path may eventually find a cartoonified version of themselves in the Saranovela. By default. You have been warned. A fair number of friends and random strangers have already made an appearance on this blog.

I invite you to share my Saranovela with your friends, family, and anybody that you think might enjoy these little novelas. Just remember that all artworks in this site are original and therefore, copyrighted. Please give due credit to the artist and link back to http://saranovela.com.

You can contact me at saranovelitas@gmail.com.

Happy reading!