The Secret Art of Sex Goddess Hair

Dear world,

Behold! My first artistic offering in over 10 years.

Once upon a time, little Sara used to draw. She drew morning, noon and night. She drew on fancy paper, cheap table napkins, scraps of paper, on anything she could get her hands on (lucky for her mother, walls were not one of the chosen mediums).

Then Sara grew up and became concerned with more important matters. Like finding a man (not a boy who thinks he can). Like carving out a career. Like traveling the world. Like paying rent. Like finding the meaning of life. The items on the bucket list of your usual twenty-something-year-old.

Somewhere along the way, not-so-little-anymore Sara decided to be happy. And being happy meant doing things that made her happy. So she decided to start drawing again. Her ever-encouraging father urged her to start a comic blog (and promised to promote it on his Facebook account). And voila! This comic blog was born.

And the first offering is based on a real-life, 2-minute encounter with a random passerby — apparently a fan of that day’s big, wavy, sex goddess hairdo.

This comic strip was brought to life in 3 places: rather surreptitiously in an office cube in the Financial District, quite carefully on the crowded Brooklyn-bound 2 train, and then finally, triumphantly in a funny little coffee shop in Tribeca. After it had been fully inked and colored, I looked at it over and over again, quite hesitant to share it. I had been a little girl the last time I had shared my little comic strips with anyone. As a full-grown woman, I quite lacked the shamelessness of my childhood.

But this feeling…this small, sweet happiness that comes with creation…of anything, even a small nothing… This feeling is beautiful. And I want to feel it over and over and over again.

Much love,