If You Can’t Tell if She’s Asian or Latina, Then She Must Be Filipina!

There’s a joke that goes: if you can’t figure out if a person is Latin or Asian, then that person must be Filipino.

I’ve heard countless stories of Filipino friends having been mistaken for some other ethnicity. These instances have been met with everything from hearty laughter to quiet amusement…or outright disdain. To one surprised “But you don’t look Filipino!”, a rather hot-headed friend of mine once retorted, “Why…what does a Filipino look like???”

My more patient and tolerant friends will explain that there are different kinds of Filipino looks. Some Filipinos have inherited the pale skin, high cheekbones and light eyes of their European ancestors. There are those who have beautiful tanned skin and large almond eyes. There are many who are referred to as chinito, because of their smaller Asian eyes and straight black hair. There are Filipinos with smooth nut-brown skin and endless masses of curls. And there are Filipinos who are any combination of the aforementioned… and still more!

And so, I dedicate this comic post to the Filipina… the strong, willful, passionate, modern-day Filipina who, whichever one of the looks above she may be in possession of, knows that she is beautiful.

Kaya naman pala mahal tayo ng buong mundo.


If you are Pinoy, have you had an experience where people thought you were something else? Do people always guess that you are Filipino? How do you teach your kids that they are beautiful, no matter the color of their skin, shape of their nose or eyes, etc?