Cougar Talk: The 25-year old Boyfriend



Life lessons from my aunt.

According to Urban Dictionary (yes, I know, such a credible source…), a cougar is defined as: “An ‘older’, experienced woman who happens to find herself in a sexual relationship (committed or not) with a younger man. She is not necessarily a slut, nor is she desperate. She offers sexual expertise and is open to new experiences. She simply wants to have fun. Though older, she may actually look younger than her ‘hook-up’. She is attractive, confident, and just wants to have fun. She will not attempt to trap her mate into marriage, children or even an exclusive relationship. She is not interested in drama or games, as that would interfere with the pleasure she enjoys.”

Take it as you like, but we might learn a thing or two from the cougars in our lives…

I know I do!



Do you know a cougar? Would you date a younger man? How many years is the limit? What do you think of older women dating younger men? Do you think this kind of relationship can work? Why or why not?